Monday, November 7, 2011


Today was a perfect day! I woke up early, around 6:30 (my body has no idea what day or time it is anymore) and sat on our deck for awhile just breathing fresh air and thinking about how fortunate I am.....and apparently that was exhausting because after about 20 minutes I got tired and went back to bed until the girls got up around 9:30.

We had a leisurely breakfast at the hotel- the Thais don't really believe in breakfast food so in addition to the traditional eggs, yogurt & bananas they put out for us tourists, I also had some coconut soup with chicken and rice to kick off the day.  But if you're in the mood for a McMuffin, there's a McDonald's close by

We then packed up and took a longboat to Railay West and I was in heaven because there are few things I love more than a boat ride on a gorgeous day.

When we got there, we did a little bargain hunting for a place to stay.  We thought Railay West was a little overpriced so we took a ten minute walk through mosquito grove to Railay East where we found an awesome room at the Anayvee hotel for $17 New York you probably couldn't even get somebody to sell you a bedbug filled cardboard box to sleep in for $17.

We dropped off our stuff, got on our bathing suits and headed for the beach.   This beach was even nicer than the one in Ao Nang- super soft sand, water like a crystal clear bath, not crowded at all & we weren't approached every 5 seconds by somebody hawking friendship bracelets.  Although around 2 pm I wouldn't have minded a visit from one of the water guys or the lady with the whole portable kitchen to make me a snack lol.

We also randomly ran into a couple we made friends with while eating on the street last night (yes mom, I ate food off a cart in Thailand and I feel just fine lol).  They're like my personal heroes; they have a travel blog and are currently on a 3 month honeymoon with no set itinerary.  Anybody that wants to marry me better be able to get down with that plan (and also be able to finance it, because a child life salary won't haha).

At around 4:30 we had worked up quite an appetite sunning and swimming and headed up to the street market.  It's this cute little street right off the beach with a handful of shops and restaurants and a bar called The Flametree Restaurant.  There, Amanda and I had our first tropical drinks of the trip- Coco Locos which was perfect because I had been dying to drink something out of a coconut- especially one with a fruity face.

We ordered a bunch of ridiculously good thai dishes to share, each one spicier and more flavorful than the next: morning glory (which is some kind of thai spinach in a garlic sauce with something that looks like pine nuts on steroids), cashew chicken, panang curry and green curry.  They came with these cute little plates of star shaped white rice.  I think I am going to be ruined for thai food when I get back to NY.

After dinner we took some Thai beers down to the beach to catch the end of the sunset and watch a fire dancing performance.  It was pretty amazing- I spent some time talking to one of the performers & he has done a show either on Railay or Ko Phi Phi every night for the last 14 years!

After the show was finished he let us come up and try, which was so cool!  None of us even had to stop, drop and roll.

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  1. Sounds adventurous and so much fun. So happy you made it and found Lauren. Tell the girls I say hi. Continue relaxing, blogging and having fun. Is this writing from your iphone or your computer? I want to do this for Japan.

    Also if you have not already call your bank HSBC has left 3 urgent messages for you.

    Can't wait to read more and see pictures :)