Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Koh Phi Phi

Today was one of the best days I think I've ever had, despite the fact that it started off with me getting up to try and see the sunrise and instead being chased down by a probably rabid bat- Amanda heard me screaming from inside our hotel room lol.  After I recovered from my run-in with nature, we went for breakfast at our hotel where things turned around; I had a delicious banana shake and we got a glimpse of our first lady boy!

Then we went down to the beach to catch the boat to Phi Phi.  While we were waiting, people we having breakfast outside at one of the hotel restaurants when a furry visitor dropped out of the tree to say hey.  It was really cute and funny at first- he went over to this couple and started rifling through this woman's breakfast and throwing what he didn't want on the floor.  Then he moved on to her husband's plate and when he tried to give him a banana to keep him from getting to his plate, the monkey busted out the fangs and tried to scratch him!  This guy behind them swooped into to save the day by putting his arms above his head and making scary monster noises until he ran back into the tree.

So after morning entertainment hour was over- we hopped on the boat for a 2 hour ride to Koh Phi Phi, home of the famous Leonardo DiCaprio film "The Beach", which unfortunately didn't make it to the top of my Netflix queue before I left so I guess I will just have to watch it when I get back and be nostalgic.  The island itself is gorgeous- it was bathed in sunlight when we arrived & surrounded by limestone cliffs.  Not to mention the water here is a color greenish blue that I can't even describe.  We have been throwing around crayola crayon names for the last 3 days and none of them seem just right.


We found ourselves some accommodations- when you get off the boat there are little stands that have walls covered with all the available hotels on the island with pictures and prices.  You just browse, point to one and they call to set it up for you.  I think this is the smartest, most convenient thing ever if you're rocking up without a reservation.  Maybe I will do this in Penn Station in New York and get rich lol.

Our hotel, the Phi Phi Princess, was certainly nothing to write home about but if it were any closer to the beach we'd be sleeping in the ocean at high tide.  After we settled in we changed into bathing suits, went for a quick swim and then grabbed some lunch.

On the way back Lauren and I decided it was high time for another massage. We went with a 1 hour combination foot, shoulder, back and neck and it was hands down (no pun intended) the best massage I've ever had in my life!  It felt like she was trying to kill me, but in a good way.  She had me pressed against the mat so hard I could feel my pulse in my belly button and she was cracking things I didn't even know were possible- at one point I'm pretty sure she cracked my forearm!  At the end she had me sit up and put her knees in my back and I thought she was going to give me an airplane ride like I was 3, but instead she rolled me backwards and every vertebrae in my back went snap- ahhhhmazing.

For dinner I got a fresh papaya salad off the street that was so deliciously spicy that I was sweating underneath my eyes and my lips felt like they had been injected with Novocaine and set on fire lol.  I basically had no choice but to cool it off with some more banana nutella rotee.

We hung out at Carlito's Bar for awhile, sampling their selection of fruity drinks that are really only acceptable to drink at the same places that it would be acceptable to eat in your bathing suit.

Then we headed down to check out the action at the beach.  There was a whole strip of bars doing fire shows- the one we caught made the one on Railay look like amateur hour.  These guys were just ridiculous- so fast & they were also dancing to the music while they were doing it- on the other island people complained about the noise so they aren't allowed to play music anymore.

After the show we walked back up to the part of the beach where two of the bars had gigantic speakers set up, blasting music over makeshift dance floors and platforms on the sand.  It was just one giant, ridiculous party.  A few hours in, a rainstorm came through and it was amazing- some people ran for cover but we stayed out and danced in it and the strobe lights and lasers lit up all the raindrops and it was really beautiful.  After about ten minutes it passed and I felt cleaner than after we showered- I'm pretty sure the water in our room was pumped directly out of the ocean through the showerhead....I used a neutrogena face wipe on my whole body directly after every shower to remove all the salt lol.  We made friends with some French guys and took a break from dancing to play UNO on the beach- my child life uno skills would have come in handier if they didn't cheat.

After awhile Lauren and I noticed the tide had gone way out so we walked down to check it out- it was weird to be standing where water had been up to our shoulders just hours before.  We decided to call it a night and head back to our hotel but on the way there we ran into these Swedish guys who are on the male version of our trip- they ate breakfast at the table next to us in Raleigh, were at the Carlito's having drinks a few tables away from us and then turned up on the beach.  The party had pretty much died down by then but people were still hanging out at the beach and we ended up staying out until 6 in the morning.  A night out in Phi Phi was just the thing I needed after a long couple months at work

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